tomorrow morning my friend L goes home. It’s been 10 days of chatter, bears, learning how the busses here really work, food tea and 3rd rock from the sun. more later. I’m not dead just occupied! until then be excellent to each other

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Intel – hearts of the machine

heartsOriginally uploaded by _Merlyn. At the center of each of these pieces is a Pentium CPU chip from a notebook. Most of the chip is embedded under the acrylic paste only the mirrored square peeks out. The Central Processing Unit is for me, the beating heart of the machine. The works are painted with acrylic [...]

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meOriginally uploaded by _Merlyn. This is me. It’s been a while since I looked like this. The kid that was and the person that is are very different but this is where I came from! Today is my birthday. It was one of the best Birthday’s I have had in a while. Friends and family [...]

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great big clouds!

great big clouds!Originally uploaded by _Merlyn Today we actually sorted out the den. Removed the smelly carpet. It felt great to finally achieve something we been talking about doing but never seem to get around to it. The parquet floor looks so much nicer and the room has suddenly become a lot ‘bigger’ looking. We [...]

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balanceOriginally uploaded by _Merlyn. Some days my world gets so off kilter. I get lost in the mad grip of anxiety and panic attacks, my body betrays my brain which tricks my body into thinking it’s broken. I feel as though I am broken. I must admit it’s rough. But it’s getting better. I slowly [...]

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storiesOriginally uploaded by _Merlyn. I ran away to sea. I worked on tall ships and boats for a while. I needed to find myself. I knew what and who other people wanted me to be but I wasn’t sure about who I wanted to be. It was a hard journey and I discovered that there [...]

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This is a test…

bomb shelter, originally uploaded by _Merlyn. Okay, so who among us here remembers those TV commercials that came on the CBC alerting us to the fact that the alarm that had just sounded was only a test of the emergency broadcast system… Well I have not seen one of those things in years…do they even [...]

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People who live in glass houses…

Glass roof, originally uploaded by _Merlyn. This is the roof of our house. It is partly the reason why we decoded on this house to rent rather than any other. The house itself is very modern and very well designed, although there have been some serious building flaws cropping up as of late… But this [...]

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tied to the land, salt in the blood

beachrock, originally uploaded by _Merlyn. When I was ten my family moved from Scotland to Canada ( again). I left my strange life in the suburbs of Glasgow to discover the world of the back of beyond. St. Anthony. The largest town on the most northern part of the Island of Newfoundland, you know… near [...]

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Happy Birthday from the Crow Boys

The Crow Boys, originally uploaded by _Merlyn. Flatland Quilter!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! —- These crows were part of an art class on casting / sculpting. They are made from bronze usingthe lost wax casting and were done in two pieces then soldered together. Eventhough they were all made from the same cast, they each have their [...]

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