100 things about me

while browsing Carmi’s blog which is extraordinary I came across this meme thing which I found interesting. 100 things about me.Assorted random facts. I ponderd a bit if I could even come up 100 random interesting things about me. 1. I was born in Scotland on a Monday. Apparantly there was snow on the ground.2. [...]

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The art of avoidance

I am avoiding housework, putting it off till the last minute, as always. I was browsingthrough pictures to share of here, where I currently live and I found this. The best gold work I have ever done I think. I just thought I would share it.I never heard if the person who got this scroll [...]

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This is me. These pictures werwe all taken within the last 6 years. I have not really changed a whole lot physically speaking. My hair gets greyer, and the usual signs of aging creep in but mostly I stay the same.I am doing this so that the friends I have made out there in internet [...]

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These are my roses. These pictures are from last summer. The image in the post above is the corner where the Westerland ( tall tree), the Fiona ( the bright red), the Cherry brandy (the low peachy coloured ones)and the English tea roses (the yellow ones) are. The Westerland has doubled in height since this [...]

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This morning I am posting from Carsten’s house in Heusenstamm. We drove to here last Thursday to over night then on Friday drove up to Hamburg ( Pinneberg) to stay with the inlaws ( whom I adore). On Saturday was Leo’s wedding and it was just perfect. Jaqueline was the vision of beauty and Leo [...]

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Just something to think about

Florence had this up on her blog. I keep coming back to it but I don’t know why.It resonates. We do need to rethink how we communicate.We need to rethink a lot of things. All information is worth having. All information is worth sharing. just a thought.

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The shape of things

I love this image of a crow taken in Halifax. It almost doesn’t look real, but it is. So, it’s been a while since I posted. I havn’t felt great and have not had much to say about it unless it’s been face to face. I put most of it down to that change of [...]

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