Bright Barking Mad

This photo describes my life. sitting waiting… can’t go left ….can’t go right.
Wondering what is behind door #3?

As days go, today is a good day. getting some stuff in the house done. The weather outside is decent. My head cold has subsided to a midly irritating cough and the weird skippy beat heart poundy thing went away after five minutes of washing the kitchen floor. Who says that house work is unhealthy??

I’m waiting at the moment for many things. Waiting for men to show up and ‘fix’ stuff around the the house. Remember those leaks I chatted about last year well…

Waiting for bad news to come. M’s Omi is in hospital not doing well. She is in her 90′s and apart from 1 heart attack and 1 bout of fluid in the lungs she has been healthy and up and doing stuff. Full of life and energy I hope that when and if I ever reach her age I am as energetic as she is. Well at the moment she isn’t and it is saddening. She is a fantastic lady and we all adore her.

Waiting for something to happen, waiting to start my life.. arghhhhh waiting waiting waiting. I write this word A LOT in my journals. I’m probably waiting for a really good swift kick in the arse actually, although right now I am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry so I can slap a coat of wax stuff on it. Waiting for paint to dry as well so that I can finish up my present for my friend BM which I started last year, I’m a bad friend. It takes me forever to do things.

waiting waiting waiting…

guess my floor will be dry now… time to make a nice hot cup of tea.

until then, be excellent to each other!

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