Mara Jade’s closet

So I asked a simple question on twitter earlier today…. It went like this: @_Merlyn why doesn’t Mara Jade ever wear normal clothes? Isn’t the cat suit a bit dated now? #SWEU This is the end result of what was a rather enjoyable discussion. so all you artists and costume designers out there let’s [...]

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What if… ( a rant about Star wars books)

@Tosche_Station (twitter) asked the twitterverse what #SWEU books would we love to see. You can check out the page with some of the answers here:  But it got me thinking about Star Wars books in general. First off I have to admit that I stopped reading most SW novels after I finished the NJO. [...]

Oh dear she’s at it again.

When I finished  the Daughter of the Empire books 1,2&3  I swore that was that. No more star wars stuff….I have my own stuff to write, not that DOTE isn’t mostly my own stuff but it’s considered fan fiction and it’s set in The Star Wars universe and mostly I weave my own story and [...]

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do as I say….but…

One of the things that I tell every single new scribe when they ask me how I got “so good” is practice. I worked at it. I did tons of scrolls and when I began I sucked and to prove it I show them pictures of just how badly I sucked.  So…it would stand to [...]

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The quiet one I’m not.

In an interesting little twitter conversation this morning with Bonnie Burton and another person on Twitter that I don’t know about this book You-Can-Draw-Star-Wars I rediscovered that side of me no one seems to know about. The shy me.I’m shy but no one ever believes me because once they get to know me I don’t [...]

Who are these people?

For the second time in a week I have been culling my friend list on facebook. It’s gotten out of hand. Too many people whose names I look at and go Who the hell are you ? Or it’s people I have nothing in common with anymore. We knew each other once upon a time [...]

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so I’m wordy…

I read a book while on the trip to Frankfurt. Coding Isis by David Roys. It was a free kindle so I had it on my ipod for the trip. It started off really well, a murder, a set up, mystery some mayhem but round about 2/3rds into the book I was starting to go… [...]

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It’s a phase…

I get like this from time to time. It’s like tapping into that invisible world around us and suddenly being aware that something is happening something magical.  I have no idea what it is and I won’t hazard a guess but something magical is coming. It was like a caress or a whisper in the [...]

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