One of the things I hate being told is that “This is the way X is so you will just need to accept it.”

It’s a bullshit statement and if everyone just accepted the way things were we’d still all be living in caves banging rocks together. Change happens because people want to move beyond the constraints of the now into something better. Women got the right to vote because a small group demanded change and started a movement that we are still fighting for to this day. Slavery was abolished, religious freedoms are more widely accepted and so on but all these changes came about because someone somewhere said hey hang on a minute this isn’t right and fought against the status quo.

Telling me to accept things the way they are, telling me that my fight is useless because things are the way they are and they won’t change no matter what I do is a red fucking flag.

You know what it’s a bullshit statement from a scared majority who don’t want things to change because they are perfectly happy with the way things are, they way things run in their favour and change scares the shit out of them.

When I played Star wars Galaxies I railed vehemently against the “ NO TRADE” aspect of the game and time and again got told I should just give it up it’s never going to change. Well I and the group of people fighting this with me didn’t give up and eventually we won. The no trade items were reverted back to tradable. It may have only been a game but what it showed me was that no matter what other people say if you, as a human, want change to come, you have to fight for it and you have to be stubborn and persevere.

And this is how I feel about sexism and the objectification of women. Yes sex sells, though not as much as it used to. Women,  well people actually, are slowly growing tired of this. And men, smart men see through it. I get that some males of the species are led by the lower brain but I and many others don’t buy into this BS that this is THE ONLY way to sell stuff, to entice guys to read books or get them interested in a particular subject / object / etc…. I think most men are actually smarter than that.

In the world of Sci-fi and Fantasy the myth that it’s a totally male dominated arena is slowly being busted. Girls and women are a huge force to be reckoned with and while it may be that the jocks with cocks think they rule the roost I think they’d be surprised. Women spend a lot of money on books, clothes and toys and if there were more items available I think they’d see how much more they could make if they start marketing and catering to the female market as well. Until then I will fight for it. I will push against the norm. I won’t accept that I have to take what’s given even if it puts women down or marginalizes them simply because (some) men prefer tits and ass to well written, well thought out, strong female characters. I get this is an uphill battle, I get I may not see significant change in my lifetime but that doesn’t mean I won’t rail against it anyway.

So telling me that this is the way things are and it’s never going to change is only going to strengthen my resolve to initiate and fight for change.  I know change is scary but it’s worth it in the end.

ps. I also tend to get testy when people say I can’t do something because I’m a girl and I’ve fought this one long and hard as well but this would be another post for another day. 

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