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This holiday won’t be breaking any country records because our best records was 4 countries in 3 weeks but we will be visiting 3. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Right now we are in Vienna in a pretty nice apartment hotel. We arrived late afternoon and then went out for a late lunch early supper since we had not eaten since breakfast. Last time I was here it was winter, there was snow everywhere and it was bitterly not today. Today was gorgeous, warm, sunny, and delightfully green. We decided in the interest of let’s not wait until we’re too hungry and our blood sugar drops and we get cranky to eat at TGIFs. Last time we were here it was great but this time not so much. I found a fairly large shard of plexi glass in the salad and the waiter’s response made me wonder if plexi glass should actually be on the menu.

The hotel is cool and has free wifi. Since we are pretty exhausted from the drive we called it an early night after stopping at a gas station for supplies. Then back to the hotel to relax, have a coffee and get some needed rest. I guess we’ll watch the closing ceremonies of the olympics.

then tomorrow I will see what cool stuff is going on in the art galleries and museums.

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