someone always has the words.

I could not have summed up the SCA or how I currently feel any better so I will let Comtesse EzaBella Allyot, 19th Queen of Drachenwald, my dear friend and the woman who was my 1st queen in Drachenwald speak for me.—- Within our society we have two types of people, Romantics and Authentics. Many [...]

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well that was different

I must admit when I went with Marcus to the bathroom showroom I never expected to have to sit on a toilet that moved so it would measure the right height. Like an elevator toilet. Don’t need one at home but it was definitely interesting.  It’s also not often I get to lie in many [...]

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So let me get this straight…

that while yammering on about how we need to bring ourselves as a kingdom more in line with what is now considered period… at an event not too long ago,  a German who sang a medieval song in medieval German was asked to do  it in English and at that same event during a conversation [...]

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My very first star wars sketch card.

A week or so ago the 501st Face Book page had a little competition to win one of win a Star Wars Celebration VI 501st 15th Anniversary trading card pack! . The competition was to write why you loved the 501st. This was my entry. The 501st is an extraordinary, as well as rare, combination [...]

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