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I could not have summed up the SCA or how I currently feel any better so I will let Comtesse EzaBella Allyot, 19th Queen of Drachenwald, my dear friend and the woman who was my 1st queen in Drachenwald speak for me.


Within our society we have two types of people, Romantics and Authentics. Many people are blends of the two. I myself am a Romantic Authentic. My great passion and joy is in figuring out how they cut the fabric to achieve that look, and

the construction methods along the way. This has been such a great passion for me, that I spent time within the Living History communities. In fact, I help write the Norman Female Kit Guide for the Battle of Hastings reenactments. Pictures of my family and friends, in the clothing I sewed, were used as examples. It was very personally rewarding for me, but at the end of the reenactments I walked away thinking something was missing. There is no family in the living history world, no sense of community, no village in which we raise our children and we ourselves become better people.

The wonderful thing about the SCA is, there are no authenticity checks and there is always family. Some might argue the lack of authenticity checks are not wonderful. Without these checks, we get to have the Romantics as part of our society as well. They are the ones who bring the joy to those of us who have our noses buried in books and inches from monitor screens reading and searching for how this and that were done in period. They create for the pure joy of creating, they dance for the pure joy of dancing, they fight for the love of movement and beating up their friends, they sing for the laughs at their witticisms, they drink around campfires for the joy of time spent with friends. The Romantics infect us Authentics with this joy. Once I would have called myself just an Authentic. My love for beautiful Romantic people, has helped me find joy in more things than just how it was done in period. We as a Society cannot cater to just one type of person.

One of the proudest moments of my life was when I was told no one really expect much of me as Queen, but they were very pleasantly surprised to watch me become the heart of Drachenwald. I have left my beloved Kingdom only to insure my Drachenwald heart keeps beating as I continue my battle with bone cancer. I feel very strongly the Queen should embody what is best and good for the Kingdom.

Taking something away from the Kingdom, is never giving it something. Once changed, this cannot ever be undone. Making the SCA more authentic leaves so many of Your people unrepresented. This is not Living History. This is the Society for Creative Anachronism. We are a society. A society of people who want to believe in and love a Queen. Who want the pomp, circumstance, and pageantry that is missing from the modern world.

Taking something away from the Kingdom, forever as once done cannot be undone, is not giving it more.

republished with kind permission.
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