Crown was fun, silly, side achingly laughingly silly. I was tired, in pain and sort of drugged up on painkillers so I laughed a lot, wore old garb and did a lot of dishes. Back to the roots, well my roots are ren fair style garb, the kitchen and being generally bawdy and silly. If my back hadn’t been so buggered I may have ended up dancing on the tables like the Randall, King of the East once did at a tiny event across the border oh so many many years ago.

It was quite the weekend and as an adventure it didn’t begin quite the way we had planned, what with the flat tire and all 40 km away from our hotel. But we made it anyway thanks to the amazing service from the Audi service center in Suhl. We were in time to check in have a lovely meal at the hotel and then be there for the evening court which sent Lief and Gottfried to vigil, it was an awesome, fun and little sweetly silly court. The two vigils were set side by side with an open bar so I don’t think I need to say much about that, we laughed a lot.

We stayed up until 2am then went to bed, got up early had breakfast to be on site for morning court. It was lovely and the weather held and people laughed at the right spots when the star wars scroll was held up and read out. I figured it would not be to everyone’s taste but then again it doesn’t matter as long as Lief was happy. A long time ago in a kingdom far far away suits the SCA very well and I think sometimes we forget this. Vive la revolution was in play and we played, had fun laughed did dishes and sang sea shanties.

We buggered off site at lunch time, ate something bad, took painkillers for the buggered back burst cyst thing what-ever then slept the afternoon away under a nifty fuzzy blanket and a heating pad, oh yay for heating pads. Sam and max kept me company.  It was either sleep in the afternoon or not make it to evening court and evening court was way more important. Gottfried was laurelled, many awards were given out and a mass birthday party complete with silly hats, cake and noise makers ensued.

Sometimes it’s about the friendships and the sheer joy of being with certain people who have the amazing ability to make everything shiny. Now we have heirs who will bring their own brand of special to the mix, I’m expecting lots and lots of joy, giggles and laughter so bring it on.

There were a few WTF moments, a few annoyances and a couple of disagreements but we, the collective, have decided that these are too unimportant to let them bother us and we ignored them in favour of laughter and awesomeness. I got some seriously good minion time with both my lovely fabprentices and got to spend some time with what may yet be our youngest scribe in training.  

My hero of the weekend is and always will be Marcus who is grace under pressure and loving when I am cranky. And for the delightful, long breakfasts with C. and P. as well as some equally nice Q time with E and C.  So many people found their way back from the awful sterility that’s been clogging up the works lately and just went all out, let their hair down and showed some ankle. Stripey stockings FTW ladies and you know who you are.

this was a good good solid event, all things considered, for the barony a definite win. Thanks to everyone who made it simply amazing because you know you are all fucking awesome.

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