In the midst of all the angst, wars, brutality, bullying and hate I guess I find some joy, some excitement in watching a man do something no one else has quite done before. Maybe it was just a stunt to some but I think it was more. We don’t see too many amazing, good things on TV anymore, we don’t see too much about exploration, or testing our limits in a good positive way. I watched this with bated breath and I cheered for him when he reached every goal safely and when he landed, perfectly on the ground I cried because this was fucking cool. No one died, no one got shot for heresy and we learned new things. So it doesn’t matter to me one bit if this was just “another stunt” because even if it was it was amazing to see, to be part of the world who were watching ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I am willing to bet that aside from me I could name a few others who cheered like crazy when Felix landed safely. He did the impossible and that makes him mighty.
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