The art of artiness

It’s been a busy month for art for me. I have a quite a list of things to do so I started by doing stuff I don’t do all that often and that is the acrylics in the Re-Cycled series. The Re-Cycled series is straight forward. How do we reuse old computer bits in a productive way? It began before recycling the junk for its hoard of precious metals was a thing, when the US was sending it’s electronic garbage to any country that would accept it. I thought this was wrong and sort of stupid way back when and lucky for me because of that way of thinking I was able to stock up on a ton of computery bits and bobs…to make art from.

The Re-Cycled project is fun because I don’t much care what other people think of it really it’s for me. I get to play with colour and computer bits and experiment and have fun which is why nine time out of ten the painting titles are puns.

This leads me to the “I have a singular sense of humour” portion of the blog… nine times out of ten no one gets the puns so I guess that’s a big fat fail on my side but I don’t much care about that either. 

You’re reading the words of a woman who thinks the funniest joke in the universe is “Where does napoleon keep his armies?”

“Where?” you ask already knowing the answer will make you wish you hadn’t.

“Why, up his sleevies of course!”

So you see …I tell a lot of visual puns through the Re-Cycled series.


Well mainly because it’s fun.

This piece was inspired by a kid’s joke I read on facebook a while back.
The title is “Where do astronauts go to drink?” I’ll let you guys figure it out.

I’m a big fan of colour and combining colour with the right computer piece. I like to use gold leaf as accents because there is a significant amount of gold in computer components and before someone got smart, we threw that shit away…seriously.

This particular piece is a statement about the ever changing universe of tech and computers. It’s called “Windows Obsolete” everything I used ( except for the canvas and paint)  is a part that is now scrap, considered obsolete and useless, as is the programme the image was based on. (Win 95)

Computer tech and geeks like the art because they identify the bits and they sometimes identify with the bits too, “I remember when I had to fix so and so’s computer because that blasted chip broke…” There are stories within the stories and every time someone tells me a story that my art made them remember it’s a gift.

I personally think computer innards are gorgeous and someone somewhere sat down and designed each and every piece which is also a form of art. I like to think that, all puns aside, I place their art on a pretty platform and make it my art too. making something that was once expensive and used that became obsolete and scrap to something unique and maybe even beautiful. Of all the art I create this series is the one most people like the least and I get that. It’s abstract and sometimes a bit childish but for me it’s an important statement that just because one set of users discard the materials as junk someone else somewhere will find it to be magnificent. That someone in this case is me. And if I am the only person who gets my silly puns then that’s okay too.

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