irreconcilable differences

┬áIn which I ramble and spout thoughts. Back when things were fun. Yesterday a very good and dear friend came to hang out, chat and do that coffee / cake thing. It was awesome. I’m glad to see her start to get her mojo again. She went through a really rough time ( not my [...]

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One of the things I hate being told is that “This is the way X is so you will just need to accept it.” It’s a bullshit statement and if everyone just accepted the way things were we’d still all be living in caves banging rocks together. Change happens because people want to move beyond [...]

The quiet one I’m not.

In an interesting little twitter conversation this morning with Bonnie Burton and another person on Twitter that I don’t know about this book You-Can-Draw-Star-Wars I rediscovered that side of me no one seems to know about. The shy me.I’m shy but no one ever believes me because once they get to know me I don’t [...]