One of the things I hate being told is that “This is the way X is so you will just need to accept it.” It’s a bullshit statement and if everyone just accepted the way things were we’d still all be living in caves banging rocks together. Change happens because people want to move beyond [...]

The Gender game.

For a little while now there has been a growing push of people, mainly women who are discussing on twitter and through blogs the issue of gender in science fiction / fantasy mainly focused on Star Wars. It started here The GFFA Needs Women: The Disappointing Nomi Cancellation in a post by Nanci, then Chris wrote [...]

Mara Jade’s closet

So I asked a simple question on twitter earlier today…. It went like this: @_Merlyn why doesn’t Mara Jade ever wear normal clothes? Isn’t the cat suit a bit dated now? #SWEU This is the end result of what was a rather enjoyable discussion. so all you artists and costume designers out there let’s [...]

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