Crown was fun, silly, side achingly laughingly silly. I was tired, in pain and sort of drugged up on painkillers so I laughed a lot, wore old garb and did a lot of dishes. Back to the roots, well my roots are ren fair style garb, the kitchen and being generally bawdy and silly. If [...]

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someone always has the words.

I could not have summed up the SCA or how I currently feel any better so I will let Comtesse EzaBella Allyot, 19th Queen of Drachenwald, my dear friend and the woman who was my 1st queen in Drachenwald speak for me.—- Within our society we have two types of people, Romantics and Authentics. Many [...]

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well that was different

I must admit when I went with Marcus to the bathroom showroom I never expected to have to sit on a toilet that moved so it would measure the right height. Like an elevator toilet. Don’t need one at home but it was definitely interesting.  It’s also not often I get to lie in many [...]

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So let me get this straight…

that while yammering on about how we need to bring ourselves as a kingdom more in line with what is now considered period… at an event not too long ago,  a German who sang a medieval song in medieval German was asked to do  it in English and at that same event during a conversation [...]

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My very first star wars sketch card.

A week or so ago the 501st Face Book page had a little competition to win one of win a Star Wars Celebration VI 501st 15th Anniversary trading card pack! . The competition was to write why you loved the 501st. This was my entry. The 501st is an extraordinary, as well as rare, combination [...]

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So…our holiday was great. In fact it was so great that I have the post holiday blues or at least I did until Sunday night my entire star wars related facebook f-lists went wild as the news spread that next year Star Wars Celebrations Europe will be held in Essen, Germany. We were at Celebrations [...]

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this is what I got in my salad from TGIFs Vienna on Sunday. Not only that but the waiter didn’t really seem to care much, just said “oh” like it was no big deal, like he wasn’t surprised, when I showed him then whisked the offending plate away and around 15 or so minutes later [...]

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on the go

This holiday won’t be breaking any country records because our best records was 4 countries in 3 weeks but we will be visiting 3. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Right now we are in Vienna in a pretty nice apartment hotel. We arrived late afternoon and then went out for a late lunch early supper since [...]

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something pretty

because art is a good way to counter the bad stuff that happens in this world some days.

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more SCA stuff ( less ranty more thoughtful)

One of the issues that arises fairly regularly is people feeling they are being overlooked for awards. This does happen because the award system is so arbitrary, relying on word of mouth from other people. I think there is a trend which allows for the belief that those with the awards are more important than [...]

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